The Wedding // Sunstone Villa // Santa Ynez // A Fine Art Expression

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Part IV of this incredible workshop featured a wedding couple on the grounds of the Sunstone Villa in Santa Ynez, California. “The Wedding” was set in the golden light of these gorgeous grounds. The Villa, constructed entirely from remains of buildings torn down and imported from 1700’s Tuscany, offered a lush, european backdrop in the heart of California. The table-scape styled by the talented Joy Proctor featured gorgeous red tones and unripened figs and was nestled next to an intimate window-lit fireplace ceremony site. I’m so lucky to have been a part of this gathering of incredible talent and am so thankful for Kurt Boomer for bestowing his knowledge and experience on his students. Styling- Joy Proctor, Magazine editorial – Flutter Magazine, Florals – Amy Osaba Events  Gowns – Shop Gossamer, MUAH – Jess Wilcox,  Rentals – Found Rentals & The Tent Merchant, Fine Jewels – Sofia Kaman, Calligraphy- Written Word Calligraphy, Paper Birch Designs, Models – Wilhelmina Models, Noties Mgmt, & Brink Models.

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Catching Butterflies // Sunstone Villa // Santa Ynez

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Part III of the fine art workshop hosted by the talented Kurt Boomer was a young girl, beautifully backlit catching butterflies amongst the olive orchard. The gorgeous ladder and unique butterfly catching nets were a great addition to this story. This selection was captured on fuji 400H.  Styling- Joy Proctor, Magazine editorial – Flutter Magazine, Florals – Amy Osaba Events  Gowns – Shop Gossamer, MUAH – Jess Wilcox,  Rentals – Found Rentals & The Tent Merchant, Fine Jewels – Sofia Kaman, Models – Wilhelmina Models, Noties Mgmt, & Brink Models.

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The Painter // Sunstone Villa // Santa Ynez, Ca

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Part II of this week we spent along side Kurt Boomer for his fine art workshop included photographing a man by a window in a dimly lit room. “The Painter” was a combination of using props and a subject to convey a fine art portrait that told a story. The challenge for me was to set this scene without the look of being contrived. I think we nailed it! Shot on Portra 800, Styled by Joy Proctor, Magazine editorial- Flutter Magazine, Beauty- Jess Wilcox,  Florals, Amy Osaba Events, Rentals- Found Rentals, Models- Brink Models, Wilhelmina, Noties Mgmt.

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The Cellist // Sunstone Villa // Santa Ynez, Ca

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One of my goals for this year as an artist is to make time to shoot personal work. Not only for the mental break, but for the creative challenge as well. Part of this goal is not only to shoot differently, but educate myself in the process and experiment with mediums outside my focus. I chose to attend a workshop specializing in using film photography as a fine art medium. Although the term “Fine Art” has been a bit convoluted in the photography industry, I do believe that harnessing a fine art intention can achieve enormous growth as an artist. Especially those of us in the wedding industry. I’ll be sharing more from this workshop over the next few weeks and I can’t wait for you to see what’s to come. This series features a cellist Shot at Sunstone Villa at Kurt Boomer’s film workshop using a mix of Fuji 400H, Portra 800, and Illford Delta 3200 film stocks. Styled by Joy Proctor, Magazine editorial- Flutter Magazine, , Gowns- Shop Gossamer, Beauty- Jess Wilcox,  Rentals- Found Rentals, Fine Jewels –  Sofia Kaman

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Owl Creek Farms // Inspiration Shoot // Crimson and Cobalt

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Photography // Sposto Photography
Insta: @spostophoto
Venue // Owl Creek Farms
Insta: @owlcreekfarmsweddings
Gowns // La Femme Fashion
Insta: @lafemmefashion
Bridal Gown // Tara Keely for Lazarro
Insta: @tara_keely #tarakeelybrides
Floral Design // Little Hill Floral Design
Insta: @littlehilldesigns
Rentals // Touched By Time Vintage Rentals 
Insta: @touchedbytime
çRentals // Allie’s Party Rentals
Hair + Makeup // Label Me Lindsay
Insta: @labelmelindsay
Invitations + Calligraphy // Lauren Thomas Calligraphy 
Insta: @laurendanie11e
Postage // Edelweiss Post
Insta: #edelweisspost
Models (Couple) // Chris and Jessica Brocoff
Insta: @jbrocoff + @cbroc

Jamie and Tom // Married // The Loft On Pine // Long Beach, Ca


Jamie and Tom had the most beautiful wedding at The Loft On Pine in Long Beach, California. Built in 1903 The Loft On Pine is a gorgeous exposed brick venue featuring barn-like ceilings and incredible window light. Draped with garlands, this urban-romantic wedding was a dream come true to photograph thanks to the help of Green Apple Wedding Co, Sweet Sage Events, Jay’s Catering, and Label Me Lindsay! See their gorgeous feature in California Wedding Day Magazine’s fall issue and enjoy!

2015-04-14_0032  2015-04-14_00522015-04-14_00222015-04-14_0030 2015-04-14_0031  2015-04-14_00072015-04-14_0046 2015-04-14_0045 2015-04-14_0034  2015-04-14_00062015-04-14_0033 2015-04-14_0060   2015-04-14_00142015-04-14_0025   2015-04-14_00152015-04-14_0027 2015-04-15_0001 2015-04-15_0009 2015-04-14_00632015-04-15_0003 2015-04-14_00492015-04-14_00472015-04-14_0048  2015-04-14_00592015-04-14_00172015-04-15_00122015-04-14_00422015-04-15_00042015-04-15_00112015-04-15_00102015-04-14_00192015-04-14_00292015-04-14_00122015-04-15_0018 2015-04-14_0050  2015-04-14_00512015-04-14_0010  2015-04-14_00082015-04-15_00162015-04-15_00132015-04-15_00142015-04-15_00172015-04-15_00062015-04-14_00562015-04-14_00552015-04-15_00072015-04-15_00022015-04-14_00572015-04-14_0023 2015-04-14_0018 2015-04-14_0035 2015-04-14_0020 2015-04-14_00392015-04-14_0038  2015-04-14_0044 2015-04-14_00432015-04-15_00152015-04-14_0040 2015-04-14_00362015-04-14_0037

2015-04-15_0008 2015-04-15_0005 2015-04-14_0021 2015-04-14_0041 2015-04-14_0024


Photography: Shauntelle Sposto and Shelby Prendergast for Sposto Photography

Location: The Loft On Pine Long Beach, California

Event Planning & Coordination: Green Apple Event Co.

Floral Design: Sweet Sage Events

Bride’s Dress: Ecliptica Fashion

Bride’s Shoes: Tory Birtch

Beauty: Label Me Lindsay

Bar & Catering: Jay’s Catering

The Artist Holiday // Butterfly Beach // Santa Barbara, Ca

2015-05-07_0019 2015-05-07_0020 2015-05-07_0009 2015-05-07_0022 2015-05-07_0016 2015-05-07_00042015-05-07_00242015-05-07_0025 2015-05-07_0001 2015-05-07_0013 2015-05-07_0003 2015-05-07_0015 2015-05-07_0008 2015-05-07_0012 2015-05-07_0011 2015-05-07_0018 2015-05-07_0010 2015-05-07_00172015-05-07_0026 2015-05-07_0007 2015-05-07_0006 2015-05-07_0014     2015-05-07_00272015-05-07_0005


The Artist Holiday

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