Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration // The Loft On Pine // Long Beach, Ca

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Thank you to the most incredible team! Click below to see the Video!

<p><a href=”″>The Loft on Pine Styled Shoot</a> from <a href=””>Image Machine Films</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Photography: Sposto Photography

Venue: The Loft On Pine

Coordination / Styling: Green Apple Event Co.

Floral Design: Little Hill Floral Design

Jewelry: Petals and Stones

Wedding Gown: Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaid’s dresses: La Femme Fashion

Calligraphy/ Invitations: Luminous Lines

Hair and Makeup: Chiali Meng

Video:  Image Machine

Models: Megan Munchow, Priscilla Traub

Backdrop: Drop It Modern

Post: Edelweiss Post

Cake: Susie Cakes

Jessica and Tad // Engaged // Laguna Beach, California

Sposto Photography_Blog_0707

Jessica and Tad’s love was so intoxicating on this sun drenched shoot in Laguna Beach, California. We had such a blast playing in the sand and climbing on the rocks talking about their plans for the big day. I’m so grateful to have this time with my clients to get to KNOW them and interact with their story a bit especially when many of my clients, like Jessica, live in places like San Francisco, London, and New York! I couldn’t be more excited for Jessica and Tad’s wedding. Especially after this session. Their style, their personality and their love inspire me so much to create beautiful art for them. Congratulations Jessica and Tad!

Sposto Photography_Blog_0709 Sposto Photography_Blog_0724 Sposto Photography_Blog_0712 Sposto Photography_Blog_0710 Sposto Photography_Blog_0711 Sposto Photography_Blog_0713 Sposto Photography_Blog_0705 Sposto Photography_Blog_0719 Sposto Photography_Blog_0720 Sposto Photography_Blog_0715 Sposto Photography_Blog_0718 Sposto Photography_Blog_0716 Sposto Photography_Blog_0714  Sposto Photography_Blog_0717 Sposto Photography_Blog_0721Sposto Photography_Blog_0706 Sposto Photography_Blog_0722 Sposto Photography_Blog_0723 Sposto Photography_Blog_0725 Sposto Photography_Blog_0708

Leah and Mike // Married // Hamilton Oaks Winery // San Juan Capistrano, California

Sposto Photography_Blog_0694

Leah and Mike’s charming California wedding featured vibrant reds amongst the amber waves of grain of Hamilton Oaks Winery in San Juan Capistrano, CA. What had started out as a rainy day forecast became a gorgeous, sun kissed wedding ceremony followed by a festive reception under the stars. The ceremony included gorgeous custom doors built for the bride and groom and assembled by the bride’s father. The reception details featured high and low floral arrangements along with tea cup candles made by the mother of the bride! It was a truly magical day.

Sposto Photography_Blog_0670Sposto Photography_Blog_0671 Sposto Photography_Blog_0672Sposto Photography_Blog_0668 Sposto Photography_Blog_0669  Sposto Photography_Blog_0675 Sposto Photography_Blog_0674Sposto Photography_Blog_0677Sposto Photography_Blog_0678 Sposto Photography_Blog_0676  Sposto Photography_Blog_0679 Sposto Photography_Blog_0684 Sposto Photography_Blog_0704 Sposto Photography_Blog_0685 Sposto Photography_Blog_0682 Sposto Photography_Blog_0683 Sposto Photography_Blog_0681 Sposto Photography_Blog_0686 Sposto Photography_Blog_0689 Sposto Photography_Blog_0688 Sposto Photography_Blog_0687 Sposto Photography_Blog_0695 Sposto Photography_Blog_0696 Sposto Photography_Blog_0697 Sposto Photography_Blog_0691 Sposto Photography_Blog_0680 Sposto Photography_Blog_0693 Sposto Photography_Blog_0692 Sposto Photography_Blog_0698 Sposto Photography_Blog_0694 Sposto Photography_Blog_0699 Sposto Photography_Blog_0700 Sposto Photography_Blog_0701 Sposto Photography_Blog_0702 Sposto Photography_Blog_0703

Malia and Joe // Engaged // Trabuco Canyon, California

Sposto Photography_Blog_0645

I guess I can safely say that I have some pretty spectacular clients. We photograph all sorts of people from all sorts of walks of life, professions, and personalities. It’s not every day that I get to photograph a fellow wedding photographer but when I get to, it’s pure magic. I love how Malia and Joe’s attention to detail came across in their photographs. They planned their outfits perfectly,  the hair and makeup was on point! And, most importantly, they are SO in love. These photos prove that their wedding will be nothing short of AMAZING and I feel incredibly honored to have been selected to document it for them. Congratulations Joe and Malia! This weekend is going to be of the hook! Sposto Photography_Blog_0667 Sposto Photography_Blog_0646 Sposto Photography_Blog_0663 Sposto Photography_Blog_0664 Sposto Photography_Blog_0643 Sposto Photography_Blog_0652 Sposto Photography_Blog_0653 Sposto Photography_Blog_0654 Sposto Photography_Blog_0644 Sposto Photography_Blog_0647 Sposto Photography_Blog_0648 Sposto Photography_Blog_0649 Sposto Photography_Blog_0650 Sposto Photography_Blog_0662 Sposto Photography_Blog_0651 Sposto Photography_Blog_0659 Sposto Photography_Blog_0660 Sposto Photography_Blog_0655 Sposto Photography_Blog_0656 Sposto Photography_Blog_0658 Sposto Photography_Blog_0657 Sposto Photography_Blog_0666 Sposto Photography_Blog_0661 Sposto Photography_Blog_0665

Mid Century Modern Wedding Inspiration // Howl // Long Beach, Ca

As a collective, we were so excited to showcase one of Long Beach’s newest venues now available for weddings! Howl! This charming loft space in the heart of Downtown Long Beach is a perfect place to host an intimate wedding with a fun and modern atmosphere. The recently renovated early 1900s building will host a wide range of community events from weekly yoga, monthly evening outdoor music, and pop-up retail events. A private outdoor courtyard in conjunction with a 2,500 square foot indoor open floor plan that features exposed brick, hardwood floors and original window frames create a uniquely visual space for any type of event. We were so excited to bring on such talented local vendors to provide a visual demonstration of what can be done with this space. We hope to see you in Long Beach!

Sposto Photography_Blog_0609 Sposto Photography_Blog_0610 Sposto Photography_Blog_0598 Sposto Photography_Blog_0627 Sposto Photography_Blog_0637 Sposto Photography_Blog_0605 Sposto Photography_Blog_0597 Sposto Photography_Blog_0596 Sposto Photography_Blog_0634 Sposto Photography_Blog_0608 Sposto Photography_Blog_0607 Sposto Photography_Blog_0640 Sposto Photography_Blog_0602 Sposto Photography_Blog_0601 Sposto Photography_Blog_0631 Sposto Photography_Blog_0641 Sposto Photography_Blog_0630 Sposto Photography_Blog_0594 Sposto Photography_Blog_0621 Sposto Photography_Blog_0595 Sposto Photography_Blog_0614 Sposto Photography_Blog_0612  Sposto Photography_Blog_0642Sposto Photography_Blog_0620 Sposto Photography_Blog_0611 Sposto Photography_Blog_0619 Sposto Photography_Blog_0616 Sposto Photography_Blog_0617 Sposto Photography_Blog_0618 Sposto Photography_Blog_0615 Sposto Photography_Blog_0599 Sposto Photography_Blog_0600 Sposto Photography_Blog_0639 Sposto Photography_Blog_0626 Sposto Photography_Blog_0625 Sposto Photography_Blog_0624 Sposto Photography_Blog_0603 Sposto Photography_Blog_0606 Sposto Photography_Blog_0623 Sposto Photography_Blog_0638 Sposto Photography_Blog_0628


Check out the video by Image Machine Films Here:

Venue // HOWL
Photography // Sposto Photography
Coordination + Styling // Green Apple Event Co
Floral Design // Sweet Sage Events
Insta: @sweetsageevents
Invitations + Caligraphy // Luminous Lines
Cake // Jay’s Catering
Rentals // Modi Event Supply
Video // Image Machine
Signature Cocktail // Rainbow Juices
Jewelry + Model #1 //  Uncvrd Jewelry
Coctails Ingredients // Rainbow Juice
Hair + Makeup // Face It Sugar // Empale Uipi
Models (Couple) // Lyndzi Shaheen + Kevin Fogg

Keegan and Mike // Married // Whispering Rose Ranch // Solvang, Ca

Sposto Photography_Blog_0477

We couldn’t be more honored to have had this beautiful wedding featured on Style Me Pretty!! Click HERE for the full feature!

This enchanted evening took place at the iconic Whispering Rose Ranch in Solvang California. Home to some of the most prestigious animals in the world, this working ranch is a sanctuary for horse lovers. The bride got ready in the stone cottage while her groom buttoned up in the groom’s salon adorned with childhood relics of The Horse Whisperer himself. They celebrated under the twinkling lights of sycamore lane, a tree-lined roadway transitioned into the most beautiful reception area. I couldn’t have asked for better clients and a better team to have celebrated this marvelous day!

Sposto Photography_Blog_0461 Sposto Photography_Blog_0462Sposto Photography_Blog_0465 Sposto Photography_Blog_0464 Sposto Photography_Blog_0466 Sposto Photography_Blog_0463 Sposto Photography_Blog_0468 Sposto Photography_Blog_0473 Sposto Photography_Blog_0474 Sposto Photography_Blog_0467 Sposto Photography_Blog_0479 Sposto Photography_Blog_0475 Sposto Photography_Blog_0476 Sposto Photography_Blog_0478 Sposto Photography_Blog_0481 Sposto Photography_Blog_0469 Sposto Photography_Blog_0470 Sposto Photography_Blog_0471 Sposto Photography_Blog_0472 Sposto Photography_Blog_0480Sposto Photography_Blog_0514 Sposto Photography_Blog_0482 Sposto Photography_Blog_0491 Sposto Photography_Blog_0484 Sposto Photography_Blog_0492 Sposto Photography_Blog_0483 Sposto Photography_Blog_0494 Sposto Photography_Blog_0488   Sposto Photography_Blog_0515 Sposto Photography_Blog_0498 Sposto Photography_Blog_0493 Sposto Photography_Blog_0496 Sposto Photography_Blog_0497Sposto Photography_Blog_0485 Sposto Photography_Blog_0501 Sposto Photography_Blog_0504 Sposto Photography_Blog_0503 Sposto Photography_Blog_0489 Sposto Photography_Blog_0487 Sposto Photography_Blog_0499 Sposto Photography_Blog_0500 Sposto Photography_Blog_0511 Sposto Photography_Blog_0486 Sposto Photography_Blog_0513 Sposto Photography_Blog_0502 Sposto Photography_Blog_0505Sposto Photography_Blog_0490 Sposto Photography_Blog_0506 Sposto Photography_Blog_0507 Sposto Photography_Blog_0508 Sposto Photography_Blog_0510 Sposto Photography_Blog_0512 Sposto Photography_Blog_0509

Allyson and Jaz // Married // Carondelet House // Los Angeles, Ca

Sposto Photography_Blog_0391

We are so excited to have had this wedding featured on Style Me Pretty this August! To see the full feature click here: STYLE ME PRETTY

Constructed in 1928, this gorgeous Italian Villa offered such an amazing backdrop for Allyson and Jaz’s wedding. The exposed brick walls, hardwood floors and endless natural light painted a lovely scene for their guests to enjoy. Allyson and Jaz chose a vibrant spring color pallet of pinks and purples. Which Lavenders Flowers just knocked out of the park with their floral design. Green Apple Event Co styled the ceremony site with glowing candles and lovely vineyard chairs to complement the chic charm of this incredible venue. Dressed to the nines, the guests began to arrive shuffling through the courtyard to take their seats for the main event. Having not seen each other before the ceremony, Allyson and Jaz had a very emotional and joyous reunion down the aisle and into each other’s arms. The heartfelt ceremony concluded with a roar of applause and support for the newlywed couple. The dinner service was impeccably executed by Tres L.A. served by their dapper waiters appropriately styled for the event. Everything from the champagne trey pass to the delicious dessert table was served with love and style. As the heartfelt toasts began and the music began to play, Allyson and Jaz concluded their night with a dance under the arches of iconic grand room. It truly couldn’t have been a more lovely evening.

Sposto Photography_Blog_0382 Sposto Photography_Blog_0371 Sposto Photography_Blog_0392 Sposto Photography_Blog_0383 Sposto Photography_Blog_0362 Sposto Photography_Blog_0361 Sposto Photography_Blog_0359 Sposto Photography_Blog_0366 Sposto Photography_Blog_0369Sposto Photography_Blog_0370 Sposto Photography_Blog_0389 Sposto Photography_Blog_0360 Sposto Photography_Blog_0368  Sposto Photography_Blog_0363 Sposto Photography_Blog_0380 Sposto Photography_Blog_0364 Sposto Photography_Blog_0379 Sposto Photography_Blog_0378 Sposto Photography_Blog_0373 Sposto Photography_Blog_0374 Sposto Photography_Blog_0376 Sposto Photography_Blog_0375 Sposto Photography_Blog_0377 Sposto Photography_Blog_0381 Sposto Photography_Blog_0393 Sposto Photography_Blog_0402 Sposto Photography_Blog_0384 Sposto Photography_Blog_0387 Sposto Photography_Blog_0386 Sposto Photography_Blog_0390 Sposto Photography_Blog_0391 Sposto Photography_Blog_0394 Sposto Photography_Blog_0396 Sposto Photography_Blog_0399 Sposto Photography_Blog_0404 Sposto Photography_Blog_0398 Sposto Photography_Blog_0405 Sposto Photography_Blog_0397 Sposto Photography_Blog_0395 Sposto Photography_Blog_0388  Sposto Photography_Blog_0400

Mar and Scott // Married // Terranea Resort // Palos Verdes, Ca

Sposto Photography_Blog_0309

Mar and Scott’s Gorgeous wedding took place at the fabulous Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California. When we met and started talking about their plans for the big day, we just knew we had to be there to capture it on film. Mar and Scott did an incredible job incorporating colors they love, sentimental pieces they love, and people they love into what turned out to be a flawless event. I loved how everything came together. Mar chose BHLDN as a”One-stop-shop” to showcase her wedding items. Everything from the pillows on the bed to the happy sunshine yellow reception uplighting, Mar and Scott’s personality was reflected in each detail of this event. We couldn’t be more grateful to have been a part of their day and now, their lives. We love you!

Sposto Photography_Blog_0317 Sposto Photography_Blog_0320 Sposto Photography_Blog_0319 Sposto Photography_Blog_0321 Sposto Photography_Blog_0313 Sposto Photography_Blog_0318 Sposto Photography_Blog_0342 Sposto Photography_Blog_0341 Sposto Photography_Blog_0328 Sposto Photography_Blog_0327 Sposto Photography_Blog_0326 Sposto Photography_Blog_0336 Sposto Photography_Blog_0335 Sposto Photography_Blog_0322 Sposto Photography_Blog_0343 Sposto Photography_Blog_0337 Sposto Photography_Blog_0338 Sposto Photography_Blog_0344 Sposto Photography_Blog_0345 Sposto Photography_Blog_0339 Sposto Photography_Blog_0324 Sposto Photography_Blog_0325 Sposto Photography_Blog_0347 Sposto Photography_Blog_0316 Sposto Photography_Blog_0314Sposto Photography_Blog_0315 Sposto Photography_Blog_0312 Sposto Photography_Blog_0310 Sposto Photography_Blog_0311 Sposto Photography_Blog_0346Sposto Photography_Blog_0332 Sposto Photography_Blog_0331  Sposto Photography_Blog_0333 Sposto Photography_Blog_0340 Sposto Photography_Blog_0329 Sposto Photography_Blog_0330 Sposto Photography_Blog_0348Sposto Photography_Blog_0349 Sposto Photography_Blog_0351Sposto Photography_Blog_0350

Check out Mar and Scott’s Awesome Wedding Video by HD Studio Below!

<p><a href=”″>Scott and Marlene Wedding, Terranea Resort Palos Verdes</a> from <a href=”″>Polina Ross</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> <p>Scott and Marlene Wedding, Terranea Resort Palos Verdes<br /> Thank you for the drone video</p>

Venue: Terranea Resort

Floral: Ambiance Designs by Shawn Adams

Event Planning: Memoire Events

Bridal: BHLDN

Shoes: Badgley Mischka 

Video: HD Studio