Stephanie + Roger // Sunnyside Cemetery Wedding photos // Long Beach, Ca

Sposto Photography_Blog_0727

Stephanie and Roger are true Long Beachians at heart. So much so, that they decided to tie the knot in Long Beach’s very own Cemetery. The same cemetery where some of the founding members of the city are buried in! It’s the oldest and most spooky cemetery in the city however, somehow at the right time of day, there’s just a glimmer of light, a little glow and some romance to be found. This cemetery is home to a lot of long beach events such as pop-up movies during the summertime hosted by Long Beach Cinematheque! This civil ceremony was a surprise to everyone as to not spoil the BIG WEDDING that would happen out of state and later on in the year however, it seemed fitting to celebrate a union in the location where it all began. Stephanie wore a lace halter linen gown and Roger chose a velvet sport coat. Perfect for the setting. Celebrating October, with some gorgeous California light, I present to you Stephanie and Roger. Bride and Goul!
Sposto Photography_Blog_0733 Sposto Photography_Blog_0728 Sposto Photography_Blog_0737 Sposto Photography_Blog_0732 Sposto Photography_Blog_0739 Sposto Photography_Blog_0736 Sposto Photography_Blog_0734 Sposto Photography_Blog_0735 Sposto Photography_Blog_0726 Sposto Photography_Blog_0738 Sposto Photography_Blog_0730 Sposto Photography_Blog_0731 Sposto Photography_Blog_0729 Sposto Photography_Blog_0741 Sposto Photography_Blog_0740

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