Malia and Joe // Engaged // Trabuco Canyon, California

Sposto Photography_Blog_0645

I guess I can safely say that I have some pretty spectacular clients. We photograph all sorts of people from all sorts of walks of life, professions, and personalities. It’s not every day that I get to photograph a fellow wedding photographer but when I get to, it’s pure magic. I love how Malia and Joe’s attention to detail came across in their photographs. They planned their outfits perfectly,  the hair and makeup was on point! And, most importantly, they are SO in love. These photos prove that their wedding will be nothing short of AMAZING and I feel incredibly honored to have been selected to document it for them. Congratulations Joe and Malia! This weekend is going to be of the hook! Sposto Photography_Blog_0667 Sposto Photography_Blog_0646 Sposto Photography_Blog_0663 Sposto Photography_Blog_0664 Sposto Photography_Blog_0643 Sposto Photography_Blog_0652 Sposto Photography_Blog_0653 Sposto Photography_Blog_0654 Sposto Photography_Blog_0644 Sposto Photography_Blog_0647 Sposto Photography_Blog_0648 Sposto Photography_Blog_0649 Sposto Photography_Blog_0650 Sposto Photography_Blog_0662 Sposto Photography_Blog_0651 Sposto Photography_Blog_0659 Sposto Photography_Blog_0660 Sposto Photography_Blog_0655 Sposto Photography_Blog_0656 Sposto Photography_Blog_0658 Sposto Photography_Blog_0657 Sposto Photography_Blog_0666 Sposto Photography_Blog_0661 Sposto Photography_Blog_0665

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