The Wedding // Sunstone Villa // Santa Ynez // A Fine Art Expression

Sposto Photography_Blog_0185

Part IV of this incredible workshop featured a wedding couple on the grounds of the Sunstone Villa in Santa Ynez, California. “The Wedding” was set in the golden light of these gorgeous grounds. The Villa, constructed entirely from remains of buildings torn down and imported from 1700’s Tuscany, offered a lush, european backdrop in the heart of California. The table-scape styled by the talented Joy Proctor featured gorgeous red tones and unripened figs and was nestled next to an intimate window-lit fireplace ceremony site. I’m so lucky to have been a part of this gathering of incredible talent and am so thankful for Kurt Boomer for bestowing his knowledge and experience on his students. Styling- Joy Proctor, Magazine editorial – Flutter Magazine, Florals – Amy Osaba Events  Gowns – Shop Gossamer, MUAH – Jess Wilcox,  Rentals – Found Rentals & The Tent Merchant, Fine Jewels – Sofia Kaman, Calligraphy- Written Word Calligraphy, Paper Birch Designs, Models – Wilhelmina Models, Noties Mgmt, & Brink Models.

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