The Cellist // Sunstone Villa // Santa Ynez, Ca

Sposto Photography_Blog_0200

One of my goals for this year as an artist is to make time to shoot personal work. Not only for the mental break, but for the creative challenge as well. Part of this goal is not only to shoot differently, but educate myself in the process and experiment with mediums outside my focus. I chose to attend a workshop specializing in using film photography as a fine art medium. Although the term “Fine Art” has been a bit convoluted in the photography industry, I do believe that harnessing a fine art intention can achieve enormous growth as an artist. Especially those of us in the wedding industry. I’ll be sharing more from this workshop over the next few weeks and I can’t wait for you to see what’s to come. This series features a cellist Shot at Sunstone Villa at Kurt Boomer’s film workshop using a mix of Fuji 400H, Portra 800, and Illford Delta 3200 film stocks. Styled by Joy Proctor, Magazine editorial- Flutter Magazine, , Gowns- Shop Gossamer, Beauty- Jess Wilcox,  Rentals- Found Rentals, Fine Jewels –  Sofia Kaman

Sposto Photography_Blog_0202 Sposto Photography_Blog_0203Sposto Photography_Blog_0177  Sposto Photography_Blog_0212 Sposto Photography_Blog_0214 Sposto Photography_Blog_0218 Sposto Photography_Blog_0204 Sposto Photography_Blog_0217 Sposto Photography_Blog_0189 Sposto Photography_Blog_0215 Sposto Photography_Blog_0209 Sposto Photography_Blog_0211Sposto Photography_Blog_0206  Sposto Photography_Blog_0205 Sposto Photography_Blog_0216 Sposto Photography_Blog_0201 Sposto Photography_Blog_0210 Sposto Photography_Blog_0213 Sposto Photography_Blog_0208

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