Adrianna + Chris // Married // Rancho Santa Margarita


I love when the clouds just roll in at the perfect time. I have to admit, we had the best weather this November! I was so excited to see how the colors of the sky complimented Adrianna and Chris’ Rancho Santa Margarita wedding so perfectly. Adrianna and I met in youth group. She was in Jr.High and I was a high school volunteer. We went to church camp, played ultimate frisbee every Tuesday, took off-roading trips in the church bus and so many adventures together. Now she is a beautiful blushing bride marrying the man of her dreams. I’m so proud of them and grateful to have been a part of their wedding ceremony!2015-01-16_0005 2015-01-16_0033 2015-01-16_0038 2015-01-16_0014  2015-01-16_0019 2015-01-16_0013 2015-01-16_0017 2015-01-16_0011 2015-01-16_0009 2015-01-16_0007 2015-01-16_0003 2015-01-16_0034 2015-01-16_0004 2015-01-16_0022 2015-01-16_0023 2015-01-16_0021 2015-01-16_0026 2015-01-16_0024 2015-01-16_0001 2015-01-16_0027 2015-01-16_0028 2015-01-16_0037 2015-01-16_0002 2015-01-16_0036 2015-01-16_0032 2015-01-16_0035 2015-01-16_0008 2015-01-16_0029 2015-01-16_0030 2015-01-16_0031 2015-01-16_0039 2015-01-16_0040

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