Kristina + Justin // Engaged // Long Beach, Ca

I can’t say enough great things about Kristina and Justin. I love their stories, jokes, style, smiles, and most importantly, their friendship. We were all introduced through a wedding Shelby and I photographed earlier this season. We are so grateful to have been introduced to such caring people. From the outfits they picked out for the shoot, down to the very last refrigerator magnet in their Long Beach home, everything has meaning to Kristina and Justin. Everything told a story. We started the day with brunch in their cosy home. Delicious scones with lemon curd, coffee, and of course a mimosa…or two…okay, three. 🙂 Then we were off to The Stache Bar on 4th street in Long Beach. The place were Kristina and Justin met for the first time. She was on a date, and he couldn’t stop giving her “the eyes” from across the room. We celebrated their beloved meeting space with a couple of hand crafted cocktails from their favorite bartender Fernando. We then skipped down to the appropriately titled “Library” coffee shop on Broadway and Redondo. Justin, a high school english teacher, has an intense love of books and has quite a collection of some pretty impressive first additions so, we felt that tt was a great place to end the shoot. We can’t wait to photograph these two again at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur next July. Kristina and Justin, we can’t wait to continue telling your story:)

2014-10-22_0006 2014-10-22_0005 2014-10-22_0002 2014-10-22_0003 2014-10-22_0001 2014-10-22_0009 2014-10-22_0010 2014-10-22_0004 2014-10-22_0018 2014-10-22_0007 2014-10-22_0029 2014-10-22_0024 2014-10-22_0008 2014-10-22_0025 2014-10-22_0022 2014-10-22_0017 2014-10-22_0020 2014-10-22_0019 2014-10-22_0011 2014-10-22_0026 2014-10-22_0012 2014-10-22_0013 2014-10-22_0015 2014-10-22_0014 2014-10-22_0016 2014-10-22_0080 2014-10-22_0021 2014-10-22_0044 2014-10-22_0043 2014-10-22_0045 2014-10-22_0048 2014-10-22_0049 2014-10-22_0046 2014-10-22_0052 2014-10-22_0051 2014-10-22_0050 2014-10-22_0047 2014-10-22_0056 2014-10-22_0055 2014-10-22_0059 2014-10-22_0057 2014-10-22_0061 2014-10-22_0058 2014-10-22_0060 2014-10-22_0062              2014-10-22_0063 2014-10-22_0064 2014-10-22_0065 2014-10-22_0066 2014-10-22_0067 2014-10-22_0068 2014-10-22_0070 2014-10-22_0072 2014-10-22_0071 2014-10-22_0073 2014-10-22_0075 2014-10-22_0074 2014-10-22_0076 2014-10-22_0077 2014-10-22_0079 2014-10-22_0078


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