Stephanie and Roger // Engaged // Long Beach, Ca


How do I even begin with Stephanie and Roger. I guess at the beginning… about 5 years ago, I was taken to the greatest wine bar in Long Beach. Art Du Vin. I quickly fell in love with owner Stephanie Blakeslee after a few visits. It wasn’t long after that she was in need of an extra set of hands at the shop and I, conveniently, offered my services. Having waited tables for almost 6 years prior, I knew that this was the kind of job that would allow me to learn about the wine world but also enjoy meeting people in that part of Long Beach where I had recently moved. It was an instant match. I LOVED working there and I knew, Stephanie and her Art Du Vin community loved having me there. Fast forward 3 years, I met what turned into the greatest group of friend’s I’ve ever had in my life. First off, I not only met LITERALLY all of my Long Beach friends there, but I met Shelby there along side all of them. I couldn’t have imagined a more welcoming community who have encouraged, loved, and valued me everyday for nearly the past 5 years. In the fall of 2012 I started focusing on building my wedding clientele and soon realized that full time wedding photography was the direction my life was taking. Without hesitation, Stephanie and the Art Du Vin community hoisted me up on their shoulders (metaphorically) and celebrated with me as I made the transition out of the service industry and into full time professional photography in February of 2013. I can’t imagine having this business without that kind of support. Since then, Art Du Vin is (obviously) my regular hangout and Stephanie is (obviously) still, one of my closest friends on 4th Street. I can’t count even on 2 hands how many opportunities I’ve been handed by my relationship with Stephanie and her amazing establishment. I’m so thankful. But, enough about me. Stephanie and Roger met at Alex’s Bar on a routine trivia night Stephanie frequents. I could tell that Roger was special when he started frequenting Art Du Vin and hanging out there whenever Stephanie was working. Their relationship unfolded over the past 2 years and I couldn’t believe my ears when Roger pulled me aside one night and told me he would be proposing to Stephanie at the 5 year anniversary party of Art Du Vin. I was beside myself. And the night was perfect. Everyone who’s anyone was there that night. Loads of ADV regulars were spilling out of the bar enjoying a lovely evening when suddenly, Roger jumps up on the bar counter to make a toast. He promptly offers a hand to pull Stephanie up there with him. After a few words of thankfulness to everyone who had contributed to Art Du Vin’s success over the past 5 years, he turns to Stephanie, drops to his knee and pulls out a ring of engagement to present to her. You should have heard the ROAR of surprise from everyone there. Stephanie and Roger plan to marry at the Blakeslee family farm in Minnesota July 4th 2015. We can’t wait to be a part of it! We love you Stephanie and Roger and feel so incredibly honored to tell your story. – Shaunie + Shelbs

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