2nd Shooting // Rachel Solomon Photography // San Diego, Ca

I had a wonderful opportunity to second shoot a wedding with the über talented Rachel Solomon of Rachel Solomon Photography. Rachel, based in Phoenix, AZ, booked a wedding in California and was in need of a local photographer to shoot along side her on the big day! I was so excited that I had that weekend free and could be of some help! I rarely second shoot but when I do, it’s always such a pleasure. I feel that I get a chance to not only enjoy the creative side of the day on a totally different level, but I also enjoy observing a wedding conducted by a totally different professional. Someone with different ideas, style, and alternative methods to shooting a wedding! I’m grateful to have been a part of this beautiful day! Special thanks to Rachel for choosing me to represent your brand and business! Now, here’s a portion of my contribution of the day! 2014-10-09_0051  2014-10-09_00532014-10-09_00242014-10-09_00572014-10-09_00552014-10-09_00252014-10-09_0007 2014-10-09_0054        2014-10-09_0037 2014-10-09_00132014-10-09_0040  2014-10-09_0039  2014-10-09_00382014-10-09_0049 2014-10-09_0050 2014-10-09_0017 2014-10-09_0018 2014-10-09_0003 2014-10-09_0002  2014-10-09_0014 2014-10-09_00082014-10-09_00112014-10-09_00442014-10-09_00452014-10-09_00462014-10-09_00162014-10-09_00422014-10-09_00482014-10-09_0059           2014-10-09_0047 2014-10-09_0015 2014-10-09_0041 2014-10-09_0026 2014-10-09_0027 2014-10-09_0028 2014-10-09_0029 2014-10-09_00332014-10-09_00322014-10-09_00302014-10-09_00362014-10-09_00122014-10-09_00582014-10-09_00612014-10-09_00192014-10-09_00622014-10-09_00312014-10-09_00232014-10-09_0020

To see the full blog post from Rachel Solomon Photography, click HERE !!

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