Danielle and Mark // Engaged // Downtown Los Angeles, Ca

When Danielle and Mark said they wanted to shoot their engagement photo in and around the downtown LA area where they live, I couldn’t have been happier. I LOVE the city. I love the metropolitan atmosphere, the business, the architecture. I love the juxtaposition that flows out of every building and down every street. There’s so much history, so much movement and so much to see. It’s a living, breathing city and I’m inspired by it’s greatness. Danielle and Mark live in the Eastern Colombia building. Naturally, we started photos on the iconic roof-top. We had the perfect view of the Skyline. Then we headed down broadway to Louis Bottega where we indulged in french macarons. We walked around the city and toured around the streets that will be hosting their beautiful upcoming wedding in the LA library. We dreamed up so many ideas for the wedding day including a shoot in the famous Biltmore hotel. I can’t wait for the day to come but for now, here’s a little taste.

2014-10-02_0010 2014-10-02_0011 2014-10-02_0006   2014-10-02_0009 2014-10-02_0012 2014-10-02_0013 2014-10-02_0014 2014-10-02_0015 2014-10-02_0016 2014-10-02_0017 2014-10-02_0018 2014-10-02_00222014-10-02_0019 2014-10-02_0028 2014-10-02_0020 2014-10-02_0021  2014-10-02_0023 2014-10-02_0024 2014-10-02_0025 2014-10-02_0037 2014-10-02_0026 2014-10-02_0027 2014-10-02_0041 2014-10-02_0030 2014-10-02_0029 2014-10-02_0031 2014-10-02_0033 2014-10-02_0032 2014-10-02_0036 2014-10-02_0035  2014-10-02_0038 2014-10-02_0040 2014-10-02_0039 2014-10-02_0042 2014-10-02_0044 2014-10-02_0043 2014-10-02_0046 2014-10-02_0045

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