Erin + Michael // Engaged // San Diego, Ca

Erin and I connected through the Shoot + Meet workshop myself and two of my colleges host. She is a very talented photographer looking for a someone to photograph her engagement photos and celebrate her betrothal just a week earlier!  She and Michael, a San Diego resident, knew exactly where they wanted to  have their photos taken. Balboa Park in San Diego was the perfect fit! We got to discover some hidden gems I had never been before such as the cactus garden and the colorful cobblestones of the promenade. I really enjoyed spending the evening with these two love birds and cannot wait to hear more about their upcoming wedding next season!    2014-08-11_0012 2014-08-11_0006 2014-08-11_0008 2014-08-11_0007 2014-08-11_0011 2014-08-11_0010 2014-08-11_0014 2014-08-11_0009   2014-08-11_0015 2014-08-11_0013 2014-08-11_0024 2014-08-11_0023   2014-08-11_0016  2014-08-11_0049 2014-08-11_0042 2014-08-11_0036 2014-08-11_0043   2014-08-11_0017 2014-08-11_0039 2014-08-11_0046 2014-08-11_0033 2014-08-11_0030  2014-08-11_0031 2014-08-11_0048    2014-08-11_0041 2014-08-11_0040 2014-08-11_0019 2014-08-11_0044

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