Allison and Kurtis // Engaged // Temecula, CA

I feel so incredibly blessed that the people I spent my precious high school years with, come out of the woodworks to ask me to photograph them for their wedding. Allison and I spent practically EVERY day together in High School (Well in band practice that is…) I was in Marching Band… Yes. Marching Band. And beatuiful Allison was on drill and dance team. Our worlds were smashed together for about 3/4 of the school year. Practices, Concerts, Parades, Football Games, Tournaments, and BAND CAMP EVEN! Anyway, she and Kurtis are setting up their lives together and approached us to photograph them during this special time in their lives. We had such a great afternoon scouting their wedding venue and photographing their pre-nuptials. I can’t wait to photograph this beautiful tuscan venue again with Allison in her Wedding gown and Kurtis in his tux. Congratulations you two! I’m so impressed with who you are today! -Shauntelle

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