Justina and Parish // Engaged // San Pedro, CA

I love exploring new places. In this case, the incredible town of San Pedro, California. Home of the Vincent Thomas Bridge that overlooks the incredible port industry and the adorable retro vibe of 6th street. Being located in Long Beach, San Pedro never seemed that far away. However, I was surprised that we hadn’t spend more time there. There was a lot to see and a lot of history within it’s borders. When Parish told us he proposed to Justina there, we thought it would serve as a perfect backdrop to tell their engagement story. We headed to the cliffs where Parish proposed and snaked our way down the hills and onto the cliffs overlooking the gorgeous ocean. It was a great first shoot with these two. They are so in love and we can not WAIT to spend their wedding day with them in August!

2014-07-01_0058 2014-07-01_0053 2014-07-01_0013 2014-07-01_0040 2014-07-01_0041 2014-07-01_0042 2014-07-01_0044 2014-07-01_0001 2014-07-01_0045 2014-07-01_0046 2014-07-01_0047 2014-07-01_0021 2014-07-01_0051 2014-07-01_0020 2014-07-01_0050 2014-07-01_0049 2014-07-01_0016 2014-07-01_0060 2014-07-01_0052 2014-07-01_0054 2014-07-01_0059 2014-07-01_0055 2014-07-01_0056 2014-07-01_0057

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