Bridal Details // What to do?

There are so many important details of your wedding day and I, personally, love them ALL. But something that I’ve come to notice most importantly are the details that don’t involve what favors you choose, or the place cards at the tables. In fact, they don’t involve the reception hardly at all!  Photographing the bridal details including shoes, jewelry and the dress (on and off the bride) is such a fun way to get creative during the time the bride’s hair is in curlers or when the bridesmaids are getting their make-up done. We know how much effort and money$$$ you invest in theses details and it’s our job (and pleasure!) to find creative ways to capture these items so that they are forever immortalized in your wedding album. However, not all mornings are ideal for these types of photos. Scheduling, stress, and disorganization can make it very difficult for your photographer to have the time and ability to make these photos happen. Some tips I recommend when planning a getting ready location are:

1. Choose a location with lovely light. (Your makeup artist will thank you too!) Ample window light can always make for great detail shots as well as all of the candids that come with the getting ready portion of the day.

2. Have your jewelry and accessories clean and available for the photographer upon their arrival. Sometimes I have to rifle through bags and bags of stuff just to locate the brides shoes. I don’t mind it, but if it’s all organized together, there’s a better chance nothing will be forgotten.

3. Bring an invitation to the wedding for the photographer. I always ask my brides to send me an unsealed, stamped wedding invitation so that I have one on hand the day of the wedding. But just in case, it’s a great idea to stash one away that is fully loaded and unwrinkled for the photographer to use.

3. Tidy up! A tiny hotel room or bedroom can get cluttered quickly, especially with 5 bridesmaids, a hair stylist, makeup artist, and assorted family members stopping in to say hi. Delegate this job to some of your bridesmaids. If your photographer is arriving for getting ready shots around 11am, ask some girls to help put some of the mess away around 10-10:30 so that photos can start immediately. This always is ideal for photos too! This way there are no random food items or bags in the background.

I can’t tell you how much faster we can work if these things are in order before we get there. The images you see below were a product of a reshoot I offered to do for a friend whose wedding photographer didn’t take the time to make these details stand out in her wedding photos. I was so honored she asked me to photograph some of the most important details of her day despite the circumstances. It reminded me of just how important these things are to our brides!! These images feature beautiful laser cut lace invitations by: William Arthur,  Tear drop earrings from: Sac’s 5th Avenue, The bride’s dress designed by: Eugenia Couture, and her lovely Jimmy Choo shoes. Thank you Mrs. Jenny Cole for your impeccable style! BRAVA!

2014-06-05_0017 2014-06-05_0022 2014-06-05_0013 2014-06-05_0014 2014-06-05_0015 2014-06-05_0020 2014-06-05_0021 2014-06-05_0023 2014-06-05_0016 2014-06-05_0024 2014-06-05_0019 2014-06-05_0018

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