Backyard Bohemian // Inspiration Shoot

This Backyard Bohemian Inspiration Shoot came from the idea of having a bridal party I’ve always wanted to be invited to. I feel that sometimes, girls just need an excuse to be girls! With good food, good drinks, and good friends. This inspiration shoot was styled by the talented Summer Adeline using found items she’d collected at local thrift and vintage shops. From the mustard yellow tile and wrought iron ground level table, to the 100-year-old tapestries that hung around the yard, this collection of treasures took some time to accumulate. The party featured 4 main areas. Utilizing a brunch theme, the waffle bar and desert table displayed fresh fruit pastries, home made pizzelles (Italian waffle cookies) from my grandmother Lil’s kitchen, a spiced cinnamon Bundt cake, and of course waffle mix to make your very own waffles in a gorgeous WORKING vintage waffle maker. Hand whipped cream, powdered sugar, syrup, and cut berries accompanied the freshly made waffles! The mimosa bar included unique fruit juices served from repurposed whiskey decanters. They were served upon a mid-century modern wood bar. The ribbon backdrop, garland, and all floral features were hand assembled by Ananda and Veronica of Patricia’s Petals. To keep the girls busy, veronica laid out flowers and twine for a make-your-own-flower-crown table! (Hannah assembled most of the ones that were photographed). Each of the girls took turns choosing their favorite blooms to assemble a gorgeous head wreath that fit their style! The main sitting area was styled with seeded eucalyptus, Gold and white garden roses, and coral hypericum berries. The gold and crystal flat wear, cerulean candles and mix of Persian rugs really tied the “room” together. The girls were each styled by a collection of apparel from Bootsie Vintage and iced with custom jewelry made by Summer Adeline Jewelry. The day was totally beautiful and totally fun! We recommend you try this with your girls!2014-04-19_0025 2014-04-19_0076 2014-04-19_0034 2014-04-19_0066 2014-04-19_0041 2014-04-19_0075 2014-04-19_0042 2014-04-19_0026 2014-04-19_0073 2014-04-19_0024 2014-04-19_0067 2014-04-19_0057 2014-04-19_0058 2014-04-19_0021  2014-04-19_0003 2014-04-19_0048 2014-04-19_0049 2014-04-19_0002 2014-04-19_0069 2014-04-19_0070 2014-04-19_0030  2014-04-19_0032 2014-04-19_0033 2014-04-19_0031 2014-04-19_0028 2014-04-19_0037 2014-04-19_0029 2014-04-19_0011 2014-04-19_0038 2014-04-19_0074 2014-04-19_0072 2014-04-19_00842014-04-19_00632014-04-19_0059  2014-04-19_0019 2014-04-19_00682014-04-19_0017 2014-04-19_0018 2014-04-19_0020  2014-04-19_0001 2014-04-19_0056  2014-04-19_0078 2014-04-19_0016 2014-04-19_0055 2014-04-19_0015 2014-04-19_0071 2014-04-19_0061 2014-04-19_0053 2014-04-19_0082 2014-04-19_0077 2014-04-19_0022 2014-04-19_0054 2014-04-19_0079 2014-04-19_0047 2014-04-19_0004  2014-04-19_0051 2014-04-19_0050 2014-04-19_0052 2014-04-19_0046 2014-04-19_0005 2014-04-19_0006 2014-04-19_0009 2014-04-19_0007 2014-04-19_0008 2014-04-14_0001   2014-04-19_0014 2014-04-19_00652014-04-19_00122014-04-19_0060 2014-04-19_0035 2014-04-19_0044 2014-04-19_0036 2014-04-19_0013 2014-04-19_0043 2014-04-19_0027 2014-04-19_0080 2014-04-19_0064 2014-04-19_0010 2014-04-19_0045 IMG_1114 2014-04-19_0040 2014-04-19_0062

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