Mallory Dawn // Intern // 2014

6 Months ago I took on an intern in my office for the first time and Mallory Dawn was the perfect fit. She was bursting with talent and enthusiasm for the photography world. She spent the good part of 6 months in my office learning things like, workflow and business ethics along with branding and marketing techniques and allll the things that come along with owning your own business. It was so much fun having someone in the office to join in with the daily activities of being a professional photographer. One of the perks of interning with Sposto Photography is that when our commitment comes to an end, I offer a photo session to exit on a fun note and to launch my beloved intern out into the professional world with a new portrait and tons of new info to apply to their business. Mallory is currently photographing Weddings and Portraits. You can find her work HERE or

Mallory, you are so beautiful in so many ways. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time intern and I couldn’t be more impressed with you. Thank you for your countless hours and love. I look forward to watching your business grow and grow! YOLO!!!


2014-05-20_00332014-05-20_0001 2014-05-20_0008 2014-05-20_0002 2014-05-20_0005 2014-05-20_0004 2014-05-20_0003 2014-05-20_0006 2014-05-20_0007 2014-05-20_0010 2014-05-20_0011 2014-05-20_0009 2014-05-20_0012 2014-05-20_0013 2014-05-20_0015 2014-05-20_0018 2014-05-20_0017 2014-05-20_0019 2014-05-20_0016 2014-05-20_0020 2014-05-20_00212014-05-20_0026 2014-05-20_0023 2014-05-20_0024 2014-05-20_0025 2014-05-20_0027 2014-05-20_0028 2014-05-20_0029 2014-05-20_0032 2014-05-20_0031 2014-05-20_0030

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