Lindsey and Matt // Married // 2014

Being a wedding photographer, I hear stories ALL THE TIME about peoples wedding day experiences. Unfortunately that can result in hearing some horror stories too. It’s an unfortunate commonality that all too often these horror stories are associated with the wedding photographer. It completely confounds me how many times I hear about someone hiring a wedding photographer and the end result not turning out like they had hoped. It hurts me and I feel so deeply for those who have been disappointed by these so called “professionals”.  Lindsey and I went to high school together and shortly after her marriage to Matt, I received an email regretfully admitting she had hired an acquaintance as a wedding photographer and that She and Matt had an would like to schedule a session to re-take their wedding photos with me. I was grateful that she reached out to me but saddened that she had experienced unmet expectations with her wedding photographer. She and Matt put on their wedding attire again,  found a location that fit their style, and we spent the afternoon playing in the sun glow. No wedding guests, no timeline, no stress. After seeing the photos, Lindsey expressed to me that her wedding dreams had come true! I’m not in the business of fixing other peoples mistakes, but when I get to, it’s so meaningful. And, if you have experienced the same struggle, don’t hesitate to call! We’re here to help make the most important thing come to reality. Simply beautiful portraits. I’m over the moon with Lindsey and Matt and i’m so glad we got to share this experience.


2014-05-15_0043 2014-05-15_0001 2014-05-15_0042 2014-05-15_0002 2014-05-15_0044 2014-05-15_0003 2014-05-15_0045 2014-05-15_0004 2014-05-15_0046 2014-05-15_0005 2014-05-15_0048 2014-05-15_0006 2014-05-15_0049 2014-05-15_0007 2014-05-15_0050 2014-05-15_0009 2014-05-15_0051 2014-05-15_0008 2014-05-15_0053 2014-05-15_0010 2014-05-15_0054 2014-05-15_0011  2014-05-15_0056 2014-05-15_00132014-05-15_0012 2014-05-15_0047 2014-05-15_0035 2014-05-15_0014 2014-05-15_0015 2014-05-15_00192014-05-15_0016  2014-05-15_0017 2014-05-15_0018 2014-05-15_0020 2014-05-15_0021 2014-05-15_0022 2014-05-13_0001 2014-05-15_0023 2014-05-15_0058 2014-05-15_0059 2014-05-15_0024 2014-05-15_0025 2014-05-15_0026 2014-05-15_0027 2014-05-15_0028 2014-05-15_0060 2014-05-15_0032 2014-05-15_0034 2014-05-15_0033 2014-05-15_0036 2014-05-15_0037 2014-05-15_0038 2014-05-15_0061 2014-05-15_0039 2014-05-15_0062 2014-05-15_0040 2014-05-15_0063 2014-05-15_0041 2014-05-15_0064 2014-05-15_0029 2014-05-15_0031





2 thoughts on “Lindsey and Matt // Married // 2014

  1. These are by far some of the most beautiful photos I have seen. Lindsay is one beautiful lady! I am going to have to re-take my wedding photos now!

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