Shoot and Meet // 4 Events and Counting…

About a year ago, Myself and two other photographers partnered up to start a meet-up group for photographers to come together, meet and network, as well as photograph each other for our websites. We quickly realized there was a large need for this space to be created in the industry. A FREE space where we can all take risks, help each other out, and feel safe doing it. No competition, no judgement, simply photog on photog fun. Next thing we knew, Shoot & Meet was born.  We created a Facebook group and immediately had over 100 members within the first week. We were overwhelmed with the response! Our first event attracted over 50 professional photographers from the Los Angeles and Orange County area. We encouraged the photographers who attended to share their photos amongst each other providing everyone with gorgeous, stylized, portraits of each other for FREE! Well,  for trade. Give photos, get photos. I was so amazed with the turnout and the willingness of everyone’s participation.  We quickly knew this was a HIT! Throughout the year, We scheduled our 2nd Shoot & Meet at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles and the 3rd at Balboa Park in San Diego. Each of these locations offered ENDLESS photo backdrops and gorgeous light for portraits. For our 4th event, we decided to take Shoot & Meet in a different direction briefly, offering not only a space for photographers to interact with each other, but photograph each other in action with models, in a legit wedding location with legit wedding details. We soon after reached out to many of the vendors we knew, hand picking a team of creatives to stylize a mock wedding photo shoot! Partnering with Sanya and Kristen of VIP Venues in Paradise, Lauren at Wild at Heart California, Alyssa Marie Makeup Artistry and Our models Brooke Sapp, Connor Mendoza, Bernard Essiful and Kristina Miles, we pulled off the best Shoot & Meet to date. With nearly 70 Photoraphers in attendance, our little Shoot & Meet idea exploded with creativity! Now with nearly 500 members in our Facebook group, our community functions as not only a creative space to photograph at events, but a fully active community of photographers who support each other, answer each other’s questions, offer constructive advice and serves as source for professionals to find second shooters, assistants, and inters. I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve created. Thank you to my Dream Team Alyssa Michelle Photoraphy and Sarah Liz Photography for being my inspiration and my backbone. I’m so grateful for you.
Here are some of my images from the 4th ever Shoot & Meet!

2014-05-01_0013 2014-05-01_0011 2014-05-01_0012 2014-05-01_0015 2014-05-01_0001 2014-04-29_0007 2014-05-01_0010 2014-05-01_0009 2014-04-29_0006 2014-05-01_0002 2014-04-29_0001 2014-05-01_0020 2014-05-01_0005 2014-05-01_0006 2014-04-29_0005 2014-05-01_0007 2014-05-01_0021 2014-04-29_0002 2014-04-29_0003 2014-05-01_0004 2014-05-01_0016 2014-05-01_0003 2014-05-01_0018 2014-05-01_0017 2014-05-01_0019 2014-04-29_0004 2014-05-01_0022 2014-05-01_0008 2014-05-01_0023 2014-05-01_0024


If you’re a professional or aspiring photographer and are interested in learning more about the Shoot + Meet, Please request to join our group on Facebook at or follow our instagram @shootandmeet and Of course, don’t forget to hashtag #shootandmeet!!

Can’t wait to meet you!



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