Jules and Priscilla // Married // Pismo Beach, CA

We love traveling for weddings! Especially when it’s in Shelby’s neck of the woods. Pismo Beach is absolutely beautiful in December. Lucky for us, the weather was gorgeous. COLD, but gorgeous. Sherbet clouds rolled in right at sunset painting a dreamy backdrop for us to use. We couldn’t ask for anything better! Jules and Priscilla are so down to earth, they love each other and their families. We had a great time bundling up and braving the cold to find the best, most beautifully lit places to photograph. Jules and Priscilla, wishing you a lifetime of love! Thanks for including us in your destination wedding!

2014-01-31_0036 2014-01-31_0035 2014-01-31_0044  2014-01-31_0008 2014-01-31_0009 2014-01-31_0001 2014-01-31_0046 2014-01-31_0040 2014-01-31_0045 2014-01-31_0003 2014-01-31_0011 2014-01-31_0037 2014-01-31_0013 2014-01-31_0038     2014-01-31_0015 2014-01-31_0017  2014-01-31_0021 2014-01-31_0041  2014-01-31_00242014-01-31_0057  2014-01-31_00232014-01-31_00482014-01-31_0004 2014-01-31_0053 2014-01-31_0005 2014-01-31_0025   

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