Lindsay and Mike // Married // Long Beach, CA

Ever considered taking all of your wedding day portraits BEFORE THE WEDDING DAY?? Well, Lindsay and Mike did and I have to say, It was SO worth it. Lindsay and Mike pulled the wool over everyones eyes with their surprise wedding on December 7th this year. Due to the circumstances of the surprise, there would have been no time to even think of doing traditional portraiture on her actual wedding day so, we put our heads together and Lindsay approached us with this idea to shoot all of the wedding photos 2 weeks before the big day and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of it. Lindsay, a wedding hair and makeup stylist maven, knew exactly what she was looking for in terms of her wedding photos and was not interested in worrying about portraits on her wedding day. She knew that for her, it would have taken away from all of the excitement and mystery of being fully immersed in her big surprise.

Here’s a little note from the bride about how it all went down: “I have been involved in weddings since 2006. Hair and makeup on 400 plus brides has become somewhat of a lifestyle. I see most brides stressed about their photos and timing of “the big day” every single Saturday. It was hard for me to imagine the morning of my own wedding in that light. I wanted great romantic photos without having to do hours of them right before an entire night of happy tears, family and dancing the night away. I wanted to be “In” the day and enjoy every moment with my husband! So, I hatched a plan, with the help of Shauntelle of Sposto Photography. Why not take our photos days before instead is hours before? If I am going to do a first look anyway why not do it 2 weeks prior and have all the time in the world? That is what we did! I could not have been happier with my choice! Our Moms, Dads, and siblings got all dressed up as well! We all had such a great time together. It gave us the ability to talk and enjoy the day with out the thought of a giant wedding later with 200 guests in attendance. I took the morning to get dolled up and we got to pick a couple different locations. With out the pressure of time we got to shoot our family photos and romantics at a leisure pace. After the shoot I asked my then Fiancé “How would you like the idea of wedding right now?” He responded with “I am so tired, there is no way”. This made the day of our wedding so amazing. We enjoyed every person who attended, every vendor we hired and we didn’t have to make our guest wait for us after the ceremony. The Photographers, the day of, could just “capture the day” instead of doing posed photos. I love candid photos so this provided more time to capture “Our Wedding Day” and not make that day a Photoshoot. Hey, it also gave me another day to wear my dress (I didn’t let him see the veil at the photoshoot so that was still a fun surprise). Each day was special on its own and I have such fond memories if it all!!! This might not be for every bride but if you would be willing to do it you would not be sorry!!  Thank you so much Sposto Photography!!!” -Lindsay Villarreal (Fleischmann)

2013-12-21_01312013-12-21_01242013-12-21_01162013-12-21_0117  2013-12-21_01462013-12-21_01102013-12-21_01352013-12-21_01362013-12-21_01422013-12-21_01292013-12-21_00942013-12-21_01302013-12-21_01112013-12-21_01382013-12-21_01122013-12-21_01372013-12-21_00882013-12-21_01092013-12-21_01342013-12-21_01322013-12-21_0091 2013-12-21_0140 2013-12-21_01132013-12-21_0141 2013-12-21_01222013-12-21_0123 2013-12-21_00952013-12-21_0152 IMG_10832013-12-21_01262013-12-21_00822013-12-21_0143 2013-12-21_00832013-12-21_0144 2013-12-21_0127  2013-12-21_00862013-12-21_01482013-12-21_00982013-12-21_01512013-12-21_01012013-12-21_01002013-12-21_00992013-12-21_0119IMG_3176 2013-12-21_0150 2013-12-21_01042013-12-21_0147  

2 thoughts on “Lindsay and Mike // Married // Long Beach, CA

  1. I love, love, love these!!! That dress is unbelievable. I want to get married again! Nah, I’m pretty happy. But that dress!!!

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