Tyler and Jessica // Married // Costa Mesa, CA

Glam wedding alert!! This gorgeous Costa Mesa wedding featured so many wonderful touches. Matching the venue perfectly, this luxe wedding theme was rich with royal purples and rustic silvers. So much hard work and thought was put in to designing this masterpiece! Huge shout out to Courtney and Jessie of One Sweet Day Events. Their teamwork with the bride to pull off this incredible feat was so impressive! Jessica and Tyler, you have impeccable style and I couldn’t feel luckier to be a part of your day!

2013-12-15_00012013-12-15_00102013-12-15_00602013-12-15_00122013-12-15_00622013-12-15_00802013-12-15_00142013-12-15_00132013-12-15_00322013-12-15_0086 2013-12-15_00072013-12-15_00842013-12-15_00082013-12-15_00852013-12-15_00432013-12-15_00022013-12-15_00042013-12-15_0044 2013-12-15_00162013-12-15_0088 2013-12-15_00572013-12-15_00582013-12-15_0064 2013-12-15_00222013-12-15_00462013-12-15_00672013-12-15_00282013-12-15_00292013-12-15_00692013-12-15_00302013-12-15_00702013-12-15_00502013-12-15_00512013-12-15_00742013-12-15_00832013-12-15_00752013-12-15_00372013-12-15_00382013-12-15_00712013-12-15_00362013-12-15_00732013-12-15_00722013-12-15_00392013-12-15_0063 2013-12-15_0056    2013-12-15_00172013-12-15_00652013-12-15_00262013-12-15_00662013-12-15_00232013-12-15_00242013-12-15_00252013-12-15_0041  

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