Chelsey & Chris // Married // San Juan Capistrano, CA

I was so excited to hear that we were going to have an opportunity to photograph this venue! Relatively new to the wedding scene, Hamilton Oaks Winery, in San Juan Capistrano offers a gorgeous space to facilitate weddings conveniently located on a vast orange orchard. In the spring, the orchard is covered in flowers! You should see it! In the fall, the flowers are gone but what’s left is rustic and bold greens and golds all through the grounds. With the help of the lovely Sanya from VIP Venues In Paradise, Chelsey and Chris’ wedding was absolutely breathtaking!

2013-11-26_00122013-11-26_00112013-11-26_00742013-11-26_00162013-11-26_00762013-11-26_0073 2013-11-26_0005 2013-11-26_0007 2013-11-26_00092013-11-26_00252013-11-26_00222013-11-26_00792013-11-26_00182013-11-26_00802013-11-26_00612013-11-26_00602013-11-26_00812013-11-26_00202013-11-26_0083 2013-11-26_00702013-11-26_00782013-11-26_00592013-11-26_00682013-11-26_00282013-11-26_00842013-11-26_00272013-11-26_00862013-11-26_00632013-11-26_00872013-11-26_0032 2013-11-26_00262013-11-26_00942013-11-26_0093 2013-11-26_00892013-11-26_00372013-11-26_00382013-11-26_00392013-11-26_00422013-11-26_00412013-11-26_00352013-11-26_00402013-11-26_00432013-11-26_00342013-11-26_00512013-11-26_00492013-11-26_00502013-11-26_0090   

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