Kemo & Lauren’s Wedding // Maui, Hawaii

Aloha! Shelby and I got the amazing opportunity to photograph Kemo and Lauren’s wedding in MAUI, HAWAII! This would technically be our FIRST DESTINATION WEDDING as a team! We had the time of our lives celebrating with Kemo and Lauren and all their loving friend who surrounded them on this trip! I was so impressed how everything came together although it had been planned from afar. Needless to say this topical paradise wedding was incredible to shoot and be a part of. Kemo and Lauren, wishing you many Mahalo’s for having us be a part of your special day!

2013-11-15_00502013-11-15_00522013-11-15_01122013-11-15_00512013-11-15_00582013-11-15_00112013-11-15_00912013-11-15_00822013-11-15_00602013-11-15_0097 2013-11-15_00842013-11-15_00572013-11-15_00792013-11-15_01042013-11-15_00552013-11-15_00312013-11-15_00532013-11-15_00832013-11-15_00592013-11-15_0107 2013-11-15_00862013-11-15_00612013-11-15_00632013-11-15_00652013-11-15_0101 2013-11-15_00892013-11-15_00902013-11-15_00672013-11-15_0098 2013-11-15_00992013-11-15_0093 2013-11-15_0088 2013-11-15_01002013-11-15_0033 2013-11-15_00422013-11-15_01032013-11-15_00412013-11-15_01162013-11-18_00292013-11-15_01052013-11-15_0075 2013-11-15_0044 2013-11-15_00192013-11-15_00202013-11-15_00742013-11-15_00182013-11-15_00402013-11-15_0016  2013-11-15_0002 2013-11-15_0003 2013-11-15_00542013-11-15_00872013-11-15_00092013-11-15_00712013-11-15_00722013-11-15_00082013-11-15_00732013-11-15_0015 2013-11-15_00682013-11-15_01092013-11-15_00262013-11-15_00252013-11-15_00222013-11-15_00472013-11-15_00772013-11-15_00292013-11-15_0048 

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