Samantha and Brandon’s Longshaddow Ranch Wedding Temecula, Ca

One of my favorite things at weddings are the florals. Maybe it’s because i’m just a girl. Either way, your flowers can really make or break your big day. They add so much color and energy to the photos! Samantha and Brandon’s gorgeous rustic wedding took place at Longshaddow Ranch in Temecula, Ca. This location and color pallet made me almost fall over with excitement! Lush corals, and muted greens, dusty pinks and creamy whites. I couldn’t ask for more!

2013-11-09_00052013-11-09_00822013-11-09_00702013-11-09_0077 2013-11-09_00162013-11-09_0088 2013-11-09_00422013-11-09_00872013-11-09_00212013-11-09_0079 2013-11-09_0028  2013-11-09_00182013-11-09_0017 2013-11-09_00322013-11-09_00222013-11-09_00232013-11-09_0083 2013-11-09_00262013-11-09_00802013-11-09_00662013-11-09_00892013-11-09_00622013-11-09_00632013-11-09_00392013-11-09_00382013-11-09_00362013-11-09_00862013-11-09_00602013-11-09_0059 2013-11-09_0057 2013-11-09_00582013-11-09_00942013-11-09_00562013-11-09_00372013-11-09_00912013-11-09_00552013-11-09_00302013-11-09_00462013-11-09_00842013-11-09_00092013-11-09_00112013-11-09_00142013-11-09_0074  2013-11-09_0081    2013-11-09_0095

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