Where I came from, and Where I’m Going… 2012

I know, generally, one is supposed to make their resolution list on new year’s eve. I, instead, have been mulling around a list of “loose” goals for my business since February of this year. The only solidified goal I had set out to reach was to book 5 weddings by the end of this year. Now that we are in the latter part of the year, and christmas is knocking on my door, I thought I’d do a check in as well as talk about a few new Ideas I have for next year. I’d like to take this moment to share with you that although I’ve been shooting Weddings for almost 9 years now, I’ve not always known photography would be the path to success or to my choice in career. I was 19 when I shot my first solo wedding (January 2004). It was my first year in College and although I thought I could conquer the world, I had a lot of learning ahead of me. I was pursuing music both as a study and a potential career. I started Sposto Photography with a lot of budget weddings, like all young photographers do, and I got busy. Fast. I juggled shooting weddings, school, church, a boyfriend, a retail job, and a social life. With the candle burning at so many ends, eventually, things started to burn out. Over the years, photography became more of a hobby and less of a job that I pursued. I was awakened with a trip to India and the images I brought back. However, life’s turns and the transition from the film world into the digital one was a tumultuous and expensive one. Digital Editing became a new art form that I was NOT familiar with. I didn’t have the money or the time to become proficient at the early versions of Photo Shop. I didn’t want to anyway… I was a photographer not a graphic designer! Right? Well the inevitable happened and my beloved film world was washed away in the digital tsunami that hit the world quick. I would shoot a wedding or a portrait session here and there for extra cash but had no way of broadcasting myself or the new work I was doing. I simply didn’t know how. I started receiving inquiries about what I was producing and I knew that if I were to do this, actually DO this photography thing, I’d have to redesign and reinvent myself as an artist. So, slowly but surely, I did. I went back to India. With a new camera and a new perspective. I learned Photo Shop and Light Room as well as many other programs that contribute to my work now. I met Shelby. My boyfriend and now my business partner. And, I started to make goals. 5 weddings by the end of this year. We’re gonna do this! We updated the website, clenched our fists around Social Media, and started presenting ourselves as Sposto Photography to our friends, and to the world. I knew that If I didn’t take my art seriously, no one else would. It’s amazing what a little direction will do for you. I finally feel like I’m on a path to success. A path that I was supposed to be on all along. I’m glad I made the choices it took to get here but mostly I’m just glad to be here. Since February 2012 we’ve not only shot 6 weddings thus far, but also have booked 5 for 2013 and 1 for 2014. I am so grateful for this. We continue to shoot 3+ non-wedding photo shoots per month such as, Engagements, Babies, Families, Maternity, Head Shots, Senior Portraits, Boudoir, Glamour and this weekend we are supplying the Long Beach Zombie Walk with it’s very own Sposto Photography Zombie Wedding Photo Booth! It will be the first promotional event for us EVER! I couldn’t be more excited. This is just the beginning. I have so many ideas and goals already for next year. Starting with a 15 wedding goal! “Shooting” for the stars is what being a small business owner is all about! This is just the beginning:)

Thanks for reading. 


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