Shannon and David’s Pala Engagement Session

There’s more in Pala than just a casino. Believe it or not, it is home to the most beautiful little getaway called the Condor’s Nest. It’s home to not only an impressive display of old cars, trailers, and a vintage pool, but it’s also home to a slew of llamas, horses, and a family of doggies! Shannon, David, Shelby and I spent the afternoon exploring the grounds and making plans for the wedding day. Who could resist taking pictures in such a great location!?!?  This absolutely hilarious couple was a blast to shoot. We even had some fun with Officer David’s LBPD handcuffs! (It’s not what you think… get your mind out of the gutter!) We will all revisit the Condor’s Nest in May of 2013 for their big day and we couldn’t be more excited. We can’t wait to celebrate with them next year!


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