Attn: Brides and Photog’s alike! 7 Tips on the “Getting Ready Shots” for the big day.

To all of my beautiful brides and blooming photographer friends, Over the years, I’ve found that some of the most precious moments with the bride on her big day is the time she and her girls are getting ready. It’s the time of the day right before the nerves kick in that she and her crew get to kick back, get pampered and relax. Well, that’s how it should be anyway… As a photographer, this time is SO VALUABLE. It’s this time where you have the unique opportunity to hang with the girls, get to know your bride, and join in on the fun by snapping fun pictures of the details of hair and makeup. Here are a few tips for you photographers and even you Brides who may be wondering how to get the most from this time.

1. Brides, always position yourself by a window or open door. That beautiful natural light flooding in will not only illuminate you perfectly for those dramatic shots but also be the most accurate lighting environment for your makeup artist to work in.  Photographers, don’t be afraid to suggest this!  Natural light is KEY! Can I get an AMEN makeup artists??

2. Photographers, Don’t be afraid to celebrate this time with the girls. Talk about their makeup and hair choices. Get to know the makeup artist. Who knows? They may refer your next wedding client!

3. Don’t direct too much. Let the moments happen naturally. There will always be moments where the bride will look at herself in the mirror and go WOW! Be ready to capture that!

4. Get the details. Brushes, Lashes, Colors, Makeup kits, Bags, Hairspray. Etc… Highlight the work going into this. The bride paid for it! It’s valued!

5. Give the bride some time. Photograph her once a bit of make up is on her. Maybe capture the finishing touches. That way, she looks the absolute best in every shot.

6. Sometime there is down time, use this time to get detail shots of the dress, shoes, jewelry, bouquet, invitation, whatever is available!

And Finally…

7. Get out of the way!  Let these artists do their job. Find a long lens to get some close up shots of the make up, lash, or veil application but don’t be intrusive. NO ONE want’s a macro up in their grill… You’ll find that the more natural moments happen when  you let them. So, Be ready! and HAVE FUN!

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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